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Betsy McGregor combines charisma with experience and expertise to unleash your group's potential through inspirational training, skilled seminars, motivational speeches and outdoor adventure.


Michael Ignatieff Former Leader, Libreal Party of CanadaCharles S Coffey, O.C.Laurie Skreslet First Canadian to Summit Mt. Everest

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Program Choices

Leadership Training; Visioning Workshops; Gender Intelligence Mainstreaming; Motivational Speaking; Facilitation; Adventure-Based Retreats; School Leadership Trips; Health Care Retreats; Camp Courses; Teacher's Institutes; Women in Politics "Tool-Box"; UN and International Development Assignments in Agriculture, S&T and Gender. Read More

Giving Back

Mgregor Leadership

For every workshop your group books, Betsy will deliver a personal leadership workshop to the local charity of your choice. Read More

Mountains and Leadership

An adventure-based experience with film clips from Mt. Everest climbers. Discover your team's talent. Explore the art of communication, crisis management, confronting unexpected change, turn-around times" and the power of diversity in a team - using the mountain as a powerful leadership metaphor.
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