A trained teacher and inspiring speaker, Betsy has a special depth of experience that will anchor your event in her proved abilities. Committed and passionate, Betsy seeks to contribute to building leadership in our world. Able to move with ease between top executives and young aspiring leaders, Betsy will work with you to design a dynamic experience with clear goals to unleash your group's potential.

At its core, Betsy hopes to affirm human rights, address poverty alleviation and lift the lives of those more marginalized by equipping and empowering future "Change Agents" clear on the importance of ethical leadership, be that in a neighborhood, a nation, a business or global company, or through the vision of the United Nations and a world made anew.

Experise Areas Include:

"Betsy McGregor and I met at the Harvard Kennedy School where she was a Fellow with David Gergen atthe Centre for Public Leadership, and working on Mountains and Leadership and Ethics in Leadershipthemes. She is a strong role model for women in politics. Betsy is both a personal friend and inspiring mentor for future young women leaders." - The Hon Kim Campbell: First woman Prime Minister of Canada, First woman Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Canada

"Betsy McGregor is a remarkable leader: determined, compassionate, articulate and visionary. Her work on ethics in leadership based out of Harvard Medical School, and internationally as founder of the World Women's Veterinary Association illustrates the unique depth and experience Betsy brings to the many she mentors in Canada and overseas. RBCRoyalBank, my former employer, nominated Betsy for its Distinguished Speaker's Series to inspire future young women leaders." - Charles S Coffey, O.C., Former Executive Vice President, Government Affairs and Business Development, Royal Bank of Canada