Course Design

Betsy has designed and delivered courses, interactive classes, seminars and simulated negotiations to a wide range of participants and in a broad range of settings including:

  • Private and Public Schools
  • Teacher’s Institutes
  • Community Continuing Education
  • Universities
  • Elected Officials
  • Health Care Professionals
  • Business Organizations

As Director of a Global Working Group on “Ethics & Science” based out of Harvard Medical School, Betsy recruited a Youth Team from Canada, MIT, Boston University and Harvard to design leadership modules for the teaching of ethics and leadership at the senior high school level and a simulated negotiation workshop for elected officials, health care workers, professional colleges at universities and business organizations.
The themes she has drawn upon for coursework design include:

  • Leadership
  • Ethics in leadership
  • Understanding advocacy
  • Moving from Passion to Action
  • Gender Analysis and Intelligence
  • Environmental Policies and Politics

Betsy is an Ontario certified secondary school teacher and began her professional career as a Physical Education teacher and team coach at St. Peter’s High School in Peterborough and Midland Avenue Collegiate in Toronto. She designed and twice instructed a fourth year “Global Environmental Policy” course at Trent University and created a University Continuing Education on “Ethics & Governance” including summer camp interactice teaching on “Values in Leadership” for SHAD International.


"What the world needs now is 'value-centred' leaders, leaders who stand on principles and core values. We need women and men who are willing to avoid easy answers in favour of unequivocal commitment to service and serving the common good. We need women and men who are anchored in deeply rooted moral values - leaders like Betsy McGregor. I met Betsy at Harvard University. Since then I have had the honour to work with her on numerous projects including "Science, Ethics & Governance" and the design of course work and leadership modules for schools and teacher’s institutes. I can say, without a shadow of a doubt, that Betsy is a true value-centred leader who has a lot to offer Canada and the world." - Vicky Martins: Ed. M. '01 Harvard University


"Betsy's course was life-chaining for me. She taught us fourth year "Global Environmental Policy" and started by asking each of us to identify our personal passion (diamond mining was mine). Moving us through a systematic set of steps, Betsy showed us how to identify issues, understand historical context, know our allies and opponents, and appreciate the role of NGOs, the private sector, universities, governments and the United Nations in protecting global public common goods. Betsy spoke passionately and drew directly from her own experience to help each of us understand how to powerfully connect to our passion and translate it into action! She profoundly impacted my life." - Eni Hanxhari: Former Student