Executive Training

In today’s highly competitive global marketplace, with the press and social media watching for leadership – and pouncing on blunders - organizations have a remarkable opportunity to distinguish their companies for excellence.

Three signature workshops offered by Dr. McGregor, provide a platform for organizations to rethink and recommit to excellence:

All three sessions can be formatted to fit a group seminar, be a part of a strategic rethink of vision and values or contribute to a relaxing retreat to reinvigorate managers and senior executives (read more).

Each session booked by your group, Betsy will offer to deliver a leadership workshop for the local charity of your group’s choice (read more).

"Betsy McGregor is a remarkable leader: determined, compassionate, articulate and visionary. Her work on ethics in leadership based out of Harvard Medical School, and internationally as founder of the World Women's Veterinary Association illustrates the unique depth and experience Betsy brings to the many she mentors in Canada and overseas. RBCRoyalBank, my former employer, nominated Betsy for its Distinguished Speaker's Series to inspire future young women leaders." - Charles S Coffey, O.C., Former Executive Vice President, Government Affairs and Business Development, Royal Bank of Canada

"As an aerospace business person, I wondered what a workshop on "Ethics and Leadership" - based on a case study in the health sector - would have to say to me or those in my industry. But as Betsy guided the process, with skill and experience, I quickly became engaged in the interactive workshop and its implications. The video clips and simulated negotiation animated the room as each participant assumed different stakeholder roles and debated the ethics of the decisions being made. By the end of the workshop, we had all been provoked to examine our core values and underlying assumptions in decision-making. I would highly recommend Betsy's workshop for all the many people in business and industry for whom ethics and responsible practice are important, as they are in our aerospace industry." - Rod Jones: Executive Director,