McGregor Leadership


Crafting clear goals, designing dynamic environments to foster exchange, inviting creative ideas and building consensus - all have been a part of Betsy’s professional career. She has the solid skills for achieving results among highly talented, diverse groups with different cultures, languages and disciplines.

Facilitation Experience: Betsy has been at the leading edge in the design, delivery and facilitation of a wide range of national and international multi-stakeholder, multi-cultural meetings including:

1. Agriculture Canada’s Multi-stakeholder Consultation on ‘Natural and Organic Foods’ including farmers, consumers, NGOs, media, regulators, international market representatives and ethicists.

2. Canada’s Agricultural Policy Review culminating in multi-stakeholder convention in Ottawa with working papers, keynote speakers and focus groups to achieve consensus on a path forward.

3. Ontario Royal Commission on Electric Power Planning, Rural Public Hearings opening opportunities for input from farmers, developers, families, regulators, nuclear experts and health experts.

4. National Roundtables on “The Missing Number of Women in Science” with the Science Advisor to the Prime Minister, women’s NGOs, the media, gender and legal experts and university scholars.

5. International Task Force Meetings of the UN Commission on Science and Technology for Development building consensus among Delegates, the Gender Advisory Board and advocates globally.

6. APEC Women Leader’s Network Regional Meetings parallel with First Minister’s Meetings to forge recommendations to Heads of State from women in science, puclic policy, academia and entrepreneurs.

7. Canadian Embassy Workshops in Washington and the UK for women professionals to recommend models of best practice to overcome barriers facing women in science, technology, the trades and business.

8. Facilitation of Workshops in Latin America and the Caribbean focused on women in agriculture and business in collaboration with the Inter-American Institute for Cooperation on Agriculture (IICA).

9. Community Meetings of NGOs seeking to enhance their influence and impact on public policy by collaboration, shared vision and knowledge.


"Betsy McGregor has an uncommon ability to read an audience and pitch a presentation to involve all. An exceptional listener, and inspiring speaker, Betsy has the skill to design and deliver retreats or seminars to meet your goals. Through animated tools and techniques, Betsy engages all participants in lively discussion and debates. If you are seeking a skilled facilitator to create a climate of consensus, I highly recommend Betsy McGregor. We have worked on high-pressure and high-profile large events with wonderful success." - Marva Wisdom: Principal and Founder of Wisdom Consulting, Vice-Chair, Canadian Centre for Diversity 2010/2011, Campaign Chair, United Way Guelph, Wellington, Dufferin

"I have had the opportunity to work with Betsy as she sought political office. She is a person who believes passionately in the power of ideas and the value of each individual. She is a skilled communicator and motivator, who seeks out the best in those she interacts with." - Andy Mitchell: Former Member of Parliament and Minister of Agriculture currently Deputy Mayor of Smith-Ennismore-Lakefield