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Gender Intelligence

The case for fostering “gender intelligence” in organizations goes  beyond the vision of equity and fairness; and beyond fundamental  respect for diversity and inclusiveness. It happens also to make “good economic sense” for an organization. Fairness and gender inclusiveness underpin sustainability and good stewardship of society. Leaving behind half the intellectual power and creative genius of a country just doesn’t make sense! Achieving gender inclusiveness unleashes the full potential of all.

For three decades, Betsy has championed gender-based analysis, gender intelligence and gender audits. She was there in Beijing when Canada tabled a national public policy instrument for mainstreaming “Gender-Based Analysis” in institutions.  Founder of a global network of women in veterinary medicine, she specifically worked to reduce rural poverty by focusing on the needs of female-headed households and women farmers in developing nations.

In Beijing, as Founding President of the World Women’s Veterinary Association and head of the delegation, Betsy mounted workshops in the NGO Forum and convened a meeting with women veterinarians in China, with her guest The Hon. Flora MacDonald, to promote the role of women in development and priority of women in agriculture in the Platform for Action.

A founding architect of the APEC Women Leader’s Network, Betsy worked with CIDA and colleagues in APEC host countries, initially the Philippines, to launch the network of women in business, science, academia and public policy in APEC countries around the Asia-Pacific Rim.

Betsy will work with clients to  remove overt and covert barriers blocking the ability of an organization to provide a fair, welcoming and inclusive environment in which every participant is able to reach their full potential.

Betsy’s leadership includes:

  • Washington Embassy Roundtable on North American Women in Business, Trades and Science
  • Canadian Embassy in London: European Models and North American Best Practice: Women in the Economy, Science Technology and Trades
  • Five National Roundtables with the Science Advisor to the Prime Minister on Gender in Science, Technology and Trades: Barriers and Best Practice Models
  • UNESCO World Science Report: Co-Author, Gender Chapter addressing origins, obstacles, points of policy intervention and best practice models
  • Commonwealth Secretariat Manual: Author of Manual for Ministries of Science and Technology on Gender Mainstreaming
  • Founder of World Women’s Veterinary Association
  • Board Member of Women in Livestock Development (WiLD) of Heifer International
  • NGO Head of Delegation to the Fourth World Conference on Women in Development in Beijing
  • Author of Industry Canada Gender Policy Discussion Paper for APEC Ministers of Science, Technology and Industry Meeting in South Korea
  • Facilitator of Regional Workshops on Women in Agriculture with the Inter-American Institute for Cooperation in Agriculture (IICA) in the Southern Cone, Andean and Caribbean Regions.
  • Keynote speaker in Asia for UNESCO and Canadian Institutes of Health Research as Deputy Director of the Institute of Gender at workshops in Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and South Korea.
  • Published five “Gender Guidebooks” on Women’s Indigenous Knowledge Systems, Microenterprises, Agriculture, the Environment and Science and Technology.
  • Director of Studies, Gender Working Group of the UN Commission on Science and Technology for Development (UN-CSTD) whose “Seven Transformative Actions” were tabled in ECOSOC and at Beijing World Conference on Women in Development.



"Betsy McGregor and I met at the Harvard Kennedy School when she was a Fellow with David Gergen at the Centre for Public Leadership. She was working on Mountains and Leadership and Ethics in Leadership themes and always promoting the advancement of women. She is a strong role model for women in politics. Betsy is both a personal friend and inspiring mentor for future young women leaders." - The Hon Kim Campbell: First woman Prime Minister of Canada, First woman Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Canada


"Betsy and I met while working on a shared goal of increasing the role of women in science and technology. We have collaborated on a series of Roundtables on Women in Science with the Science Advisor to the Prime Minister of Canada, and on a number of workshops on recruitment and retention of women in science abroad in Washington, D.C. and London, England. In addition, Betsy has been a consistent and determined champion of First Nations women in science, technology and the trades. She has inspired countless of us to excel beyond our wildest dreams and lifted the profile of the "Missing Numbers" of women in science, technology and the trades to the highest levels of decision-makers. Her dedication, compassion and impressive determination make her a model 'Change-Maker'" - The Honourable Lillian Eva (Quan) Dyck, Ph.D., D. Litt., Senator

Betsy Reflects

"One unforgettable experience happened to me when I lead a delegation of women to the Fourth World Conference on Women in development hosted in Beijing. We congregated in Vancouver and climbed aboard a jumbo jet. Suddenly, I recognized just how strange a "space" I had entered. Only 3 passengers were male. Over the Pacific Ocean, the airplane broke out into music, dancing, drums and spontaneous conversations everywhere. At some point the pilot came over the intercom and announced, "This is a first in my long career. I have never before had to ask passengers to stop playing the drums long enough to serve dinner!"