As a Fellow of David Gergen's at Harvard Kennedy School centre for Public Leadership and Research Associate of Dr. Fritz Bach at the Harvard Medical School, Betsy focused on two themes: Mountains & Leadership, and Ethics in Leadership. Whatever your business, school vision for fostering student leadership or group's desire to reinvigorate and re-visualize the future - Betsy will design an adventure-based retreat or facilitate a dynamic workshop to help you discover your core values and cultivate your leadership potential.

For three decades, Betsy has championed "Gender-Based Analysis" developing tools and techniques based on best practice nationally and globally for institutions to mainstream gender intelligence into their organizations. She co-authored the UNESCO World Science Report chapter on gender. Betsy founded three global networks of women leaders to help focus policy and grassroots projects on poverty and the role of women and children in rural and remote areas. Twice a candidate for Parliament, her Women in Leadership workshops are designed to equip and empower women entering the political realm.

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"Betsy McGregor was my Fellow at the Kennedy School's Center for Public Leadership - an affiliation I thoroughly enjoyed. She explored two themes during her Fellowship; that of ethics in leadership in collaboration with the Harvard Medical School, and the insights of elite athletes and the metaphor of mountain-climbing in understanding leadership theory at the Center for Public Leadership. She also served on the Women's Leadership Board at the Kennedy School. Betsy is a real force to behold!" - David Gergen: Director, Centre for Public Leadership, Kennedy School