Passion to Action

Moving from Passion to Purpose

The most powerful starting point for effective leadership, is passion. “Passion capital” reaches beyond human, financial or physical capital into the compelling realm of conviction.

The Program

Moving from Passion to Action is a dynamic workshop that illustrates the power of personal conviction when it is unleashed. Taking themes selected by participants, the workshop will show how to identify the issues at stake, seek creative alliances, appreciate the positions of protagonists and pursue effective channels for change.

The “Passion to Action” workshop will illustrate the spectrum of stakeholders and current agreements impacting on issues locally, regionally nationally and globally - and help participants create a roadmap for how best to translate their personal passion into action and outcomes.

Format Tailored to Your Group
  • Interactive Workshops
  • Motivational Speeches
  • Team Retreats
Program Benefits

“From Passion to Action” workshops will illustrate how to

  • Start from a position of personal passion
  • Determine the key issues at stake
  • Know your non-negotiable points
  • Understand what motivates you
  • Seek supportive alliances
  • Explore channels for change
  • Take action - and Have fun!
Who would enjoy the "From Passion to Action" program?
  • Corporate and Community organizations seeking to unleash the power of “Passion Capital”
  • Private Schools, University and Colleges seeking to offer unique leadership training on “advocacy for outcomes”
  • Zoomers, Baby-Boomers and Gray Power Groups seeking to create an NGO, mobilize a movement or take meaningful action on a matter of personal passion.
Betsy's Background

Betsy has founded several global alliances and networks. Some have achieved significant and sustained impact. Others have been confronted with significant challenges and opposition. All contain important lessons in the quest to convert personal conviction into effective leadership.

Drawing upon her decades of leadership of these networks and involvement with global working groups, Betsy will also tap into the structure of her university course on how to move effectively from “Passion to Action”.


"Betsy's course was life-chaining for me. She taught us fourth year "Global Environmental Policy" and started by asking each of us to identify our personal passion (diamond mining was mine). Moving us through a systematic set of steps, Betsy showed us how to identify issues, understand historical context, know our allies and opponents, and appreciate the role of NGOs, the private sector, universities, governments and the United Nations in protecting global public common goods. Betsy spoke passionately and drew directly from her own experience to help each of us understand how to powerfully connect to our passion and translate it into action! She profoundly impacted my life." - Eni Hanxhari: Former Student

"I met Betsy when I was exploring how to launch a woman's health clinic in Kunduz, Afghanistan – my birth Country - and how to plan a successful fundraiser. Betsy infused me with confidence and offered to be a keynote speaker at our first fundraiser. She strongly supported the Red Pashmina Campaign and helped me take it to Europe. Among her many initiatives, I joined Betsy's "Women in Politics" tool-box roundtable and was connected with an incredible network of strong women in the community - women who have made a significant difference in my life.

I consider Betsy a key role-model in my life and hope other young women have the opportunity to learn from her. Because of her tireless work in the community, Betsy was recognized as a Woman on Impact through the Red Pashmina Campaign. This platform allows other young girls to be inspired, as I have been, by this brilliant woman." - Maryam Monsef: Founder, Red Pashmina Campaign

Passing the Gift of Leadership Along
Building Leadership Overseas

For each speech Betsy delivers, she will donate a portion of her fee to an international organization building women's leadership in developing countries.

Supporting Leadership Locally

For every group workshop Betsy delivers for you, she will offer to provide a leadership workshop to the local charity of your group's choice.



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