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Formats and Pricing




Program choices include:
      • Leadership & Visioning Workshops
      • Gender Intelligence Mainstreaming
      • International Development Assignments
      • Adventure-Based Retreats
      • Motivational Speeches
      • Camps/School Breaks
      • Group Facilitation
      • Executive Training
      • Continuing Education
      • Course/Class Design
Formats will be tailored to fit:
      • the outcomes you envisage
      • the size and culture of your group
      • the time you have available
      • your vision


Per Diem

Competitive per diems will be charged for each day or half-day involved in designing and delivering the programs.


Expenses beyond the design and delivery of seminars, workshops, courses and speeches - including instructor and participant travel, accommodations, meeting space, meals and/or special event fees or spa services, will be the responsibility of the party contracting Dr. McGregor.

In most cases a 25% retainer will be required at the time of booking with the balance due within 30 days of program delivery. Applicable HST fees will be extra. Invoices will be provided to you by “McGregor Leadership”.

Passing the Leadership Gift Along

For each workshop your group purchases, Betsy will deliver leadership training to the local charity of your choice.


Passing the Leadership Gift Along

For each speech Betsy delivers, she will donate a portion of her fee to an international organization building youth and women's leadership in developing nations.