Values in Leadership

Anchoring Actions in Personal Principles
Betsy with Dolly
The Program

The goal of this workshop is to determine those "non-negotiable" values that are at the core of your leadership. Some people are leaders by the moral force of their actions and lives, some are born into positions of power or arrive by entrepreneurship, perseverence or election, yet others acquire influence through sports, the arts or entertainment. Whatever your path to leadership, affirming those core values that define your leadership - is the goal of this dynanic interactive session. 

Using the dramatic "Case Study" of a frontier science - transplanting the organs of genetically modified cloned animals into humans - Betsy guides participants from all backgrounds through a process to unveil their core values and "non-negotiable" positions.

Watch TV broadcasts of the first baboon heart transplant into 'Baby Fae'. From baboon hearts to pig parts, Dolly the first cloned sheep to "designer babies" - explore some of the tough choices of living and dying in the 21st Century and discover where you stand.

Commitment to value-driven stewardship and evidence-based decision-making can define an organization as a leader. In this workshop, discover the core values you and your group automatically revert to, reflect on their merit and unleash the power of your leadership.

Format Tailored to Your Group
  • Keynote Speeches
  • Dynamic Workshops
  • Classroom Teaching Modules
Program Benefits

The “Values in Leadership” workshop will help participants to

  • Explore issues around cutting-edge technologies
  • Identify the values at stake
  • Clarify their core values
  • Determine non-negotiable positions
  • Appreciate contrasting perspectives
  • Discover channels for change
  • Move from passion to action
Who would enjoy the "Values in Leadership" program?
  • Private Schools, Community Colleges and Universities seeking to design unique courses, school break and summer workshops to cultivate ethics in leadership
  • Corporate and Community organizations wishing to reinforce “value-centered leadership” and global citizenship
  • Baby-Boomers, Zoomers and “Gray Power Groups” looking to stimulate the mind and debate topical issues facing all generations from designer-babies to replacement organs
Betsy's Background on Value-Based Leadership

Distinguished with Canada’s Head of Public Service Award for excellence in public policy and fostering youth leadership, Betsy and her youth team designed the first federal website on ethics and biotechnology launched by Industry Canada. She also visited scholars in the US, Europe and - in Scotland - met “Dolly the Sheep”.

As a part of Canada’s expert delegation, Betsy participated in a session in Paris with UNESCO during the drafting of the “International Declaration of the Human Genome and Human Rights” - 50 years after the Universal Declaration of Human Rights was signed at the United Nations.

Subsequently, based out of Harvard Medical School, she helped coordinate a "Global working Group on “Ethics, Science and Governance”. The international experts took the example of a frontier technology - the transplantation of organs across species lines - and examined the core values at stake.

To seek best practice models of leadership both at the national and world level, Betsy led the design of a “Legal Roundtable” while in Boston. Emerging from the Harvard-based think tank, a set of teaching modules was produced which form the foundation of her workshops and motivational speeches.


"As an aerospace business person, I wondered what a workshop on "Ethics and Leadership" - based on a case study in the health sector - would have to say to me or those in my industry. But as Betsy guided the process, with skill and experience, I quickly became engaged in the interactive workshop and its implications. The video clips and simulated negotiation animated the room as each participant assumed different stakeholder roles and debated the ethics of the decisions being made. By the end of the workshop, we had all been provoked to examine our core values and underlying assumptions in decision-making. I would highly recommend Betsy's workshop for all the many people in business and industry for whom ethics and responsible practice are important, as they are in our aerospace industry." - Rod Jones: Executive Director,


"What the world needs now is 'value-centred' leaders, leaders who stand on principles and core values. We need women and men who are willing to avoid easy answers in favour of unequivocal commitment to service and serving the common good. We need women and men who are anchored in deeply rooted moral values - leaders like Betsy McGregor. I met Betsy at Harvard University. Since then I have had the honour to work with her on numerous projects including "Science, Ethics & Governance." I can say, without a shadow of a doubt, that Betsy is a true value-centred leader who has a lot to offer Canada and the world." - Vicky Martins: Ed. M. '01 Harvard University

Passing the Gift of Leadership Along
Building Leadership Overseas

For each speech Betsy delivers, she will donate a portion of her fee to an international organization building women's leadership in developing countries.

Supporting Leadership Locally

For every group workshop Betsy delivers for you, she will offer to provide a leadership workshop to the local charity of your group's choice.



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