Visioning Leadership: Mountains as Metaphors

Re-fresh, Reimagine, Re-invigorate!

Some people climb to summits and say they have learned a lot about the mountain. But in truth they have learned a lot about themselves, and the mountain has been their teacher.


The Program

"Visioning Leadership" offers an adventure based experience. It combines outdoor physical challenges with the insights of mountaineers, men and women, who have summited Mt. Everest.

Using film clips of interviews with athletes who operate at the extreme limits of human activity, participants will explore the visioning of projects, the art of communication, conflict resolution, the challenge of "turn-around times", the selection of a leader, being a solid team member and the power of diversity on a team - using the mountain as a powerful metaphor.

Format Tailored to Your Group
  • Adventure Based Workshops
  • Motivational Speeches
  • Team Retreats
Program Benefits

“Visioning Leadership: Mountains as Metaphors program will help participants to

  • Explore vision and personal purpose
  • Deal with change and transition
  • Learn the importance of details
  • Sharpen communication
  • Identify issues, deal with conflict
  • Build teams of different strengths
  • Move from passion to action
  • Refresh, relax and re-imagine.
Who would enjoy the "Visioning Leadership" program?
  • Corporate and Non-Profit Organizations seeking to refresh and energize their teams and enhance efficiency.
  • Schools, Colleges and Universities seeking to design unique community interest courses, school break and summer adventures.
  • Community Groups wishing to use adventure and reflection to stimulate, reinvigorate and re-imagine.
Betsy's Background

Betsy has climbed to the summit of two of the world’s “Seven Summits”: Mt. Aconcagua (South America) and Mt. Kilimanjaro (Africa) - raising the profile for women’s health research. Recently, she climbed Mt. Ritterhorn in Italy where her son Mac was playing pro hockey.

With a team, Betsy filmed interviews with Everest athletes in the mountains of Alberta on life and leadership themes. This project was undertaken when Betsy was a Fellow at the Kennedy School with David Gergen, Director of the Centre for Public Leadership at Harvard.

As Head Coach of Special Olympics Soccer in Peterborough, Ontario, Betsy uses the lessons learned at high altitude for clear, effective and compassionate leadership at “ground level”. As candidate in five political races, leading large volunteer groups, she drew heavily upon some of the powerful metaphors of the mountains.


"Betsy was a team member on one of my expeditions to the summit of Mt. Aconcagua in Argentina - the highest mountain in North and South America. She was a terrific team member; athletic, flexible, a fast learner and positive solution-seeker. I would trust her with my life." - Laurie Skreslet: First Canadian to summit Mount Everest

Passing the Gift of Leadership Along
Building Leadership Overseas

For each speech Betsy delivers, she will donate a portion of her fee to an international organization building women's leadership in developing countries.

Supporting Leadership Locally

For every group workshop Betsy delivers for you, she will offer to provide a leadership workshop to the local charity of your group's choice.



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